About Us

What’s the deal with The Common Room Project aka (TCRP)?

Thanks for dropping by and checking us out. We’re travelers just like you and have stayed in all sorts of accommodation from budget hostel dorms to luxurious 5 star hotels. For us, especially when travelling alone, there was always something incomplete about the overall experience. TCRP was created with all these incompleteness in mind.

We loved the comfort that hotels offer, yet we also loved the social elements of what a hostel provides. It’s the little things that make THE difference. So why not bring the two worlds together and create something in between?

What does this mean for you?

Hidden in an alleyway, there are these green doors. Behind those green doors you’ll find a lush green oasis; welcoming, warm & full of good-loving vibes.

Beyond this oasis is where unique ideas, relationships and memories are formed. A place to call home and hang out when chillaxing seems like the right thing to do.

Our social night outs are always fun and definitely one to experience! Our team is constantly coming up with new ideas for you to meet new people easier.

How far is The Common Room Project from everything?

We’re in District 5. We hear you say – “Gees, that sounds far from District 1.”


Ho Chi Minh City is known as the city of motorbikes with over 8 million bikes and hopping on one of Saigon’s icons is the fastest and easiest way to get around the city.

To get to:

  • Cho Ben Thanh Market is 2.8 km by bike (you can walk it in 25 min or take a 10 min cab drive)
  • Bui Vien, Backpacker Street is 2.1 km by bike (20 min by foot or 10 min by taxi)
  • War Remnants Museum is 3.1 km by bike (25 min by foot or 15 min by taxi)
  • Notre Dame Cathedral is 3.8 km by bike (30 min by foot or 15 min by taxi)
  • Central Post Office is 4.3 km by bike (40 min by foot or 20 min by taxi)
  • Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street is 4.0 km by bike (30 min by foot or 15 min by taxi)

We’ve partnered with some of the coolest tourist guides in town who can show you Saigon by night on the back of a bike. We offer all sorts of tours so pick and choose how you want to see and remember your time here in HCMC.